California Life Insurance

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Take care of your loved ones with a California life insurance policy from Lords Insurance Agency.

Have you ever wondered what your family and friends will do after your death? Do you wonder if they will be able to financially cope with your loss? With a California life insurance policy, you can know for sure that you will be able to help the people you are close to, even after your passing.

The basics of a life insurance policy are simple. When the holder of the policy passes away, the sum stated in the policy is paid out as the policy holder wishes. There are many options for the payout of your life insurance. California residents have directed the payments to:

  • Funeral costs
  • Everyday living expenses of a spouse
  • Expenses or down payments for grown children
  • College funds for young children
  • Donations to universities or organizations
  • And more

If interested in learning more about life insurance, California residents should speak to one of our trusted insurance agents. Also, we urge you not to delay when it comes to purchasing an California life insurance policy. The younger and healthier you are at the time of purchase, the lower your policy premiums will be, so speak to us today!