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Add key person coverage to your commercial insurance portfolio for added financial protection

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Many commercial enterprises can often rely on the particular skills of one or two individuals to maintain normal operations and productivity. The loss of an individual like this can be disastrous for a small business. It might be wise to investigate specialized coverage that can complement your commercial insurance package and add a layer of … More

Acknowledge the value of your employees’ contribution

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Most people think of employee benefits in fairly tangible terms: health insurance, gym membership, discounts at partner businesses, and other things of that nature. However, while those things can and do often form part of an employee benefit package, there are other less tangible things that can be implemented in your business that can offer … More

Expansion options during a financial recession

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The last thing you might be considering at the moment, given the current financial situation, is expanding your business. However, times like these can sometimes offer opportunities that may not be available in more prosperous times, so you shouldn’t write it off without thinking about it first. It might just take a bit of careful … More

Creating and maintaining a comfortable workplace

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Have you ever received one of those forwarded emails that show really outrageously funky offices with all sorts of very cool facilities for the staff? Some of them have power-nap pods, others have great recreational spaces, some have fully-equipped gyms with personal trainers – they can be quite amazing. You might not have the resources … More

Improving Business Cash Flow in Your CA Enterprise

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Cash flow problems affect businesses of all sizes. Good cash flow management can allow your business to expand more quickly and ensure that you’re able to meet vital expenses such as your commercial insurance, California lease payments, or staff wages. These are a few strategies that might help you improve cash flow.   Down Payment … More

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